Our Story

Our Mission

To help funeral homes and cemeteries build loyalty by staying in touch with families after their loss.

At Aftercare.com, we come to work to solve a big problem in funeral service today. Funeral professionals want to follow up with their families after the services are over but just don't have time, or have tried and just couldn't keep up. It's more difficult than it seems to focus on at-need families and still show previous families you are thinking about them.

In years past, funeral directors have tried sending out cards during the holidays or on the anniversary of the loss but, despite the best intentions, were unable to keep up.

At Aftercare.com, we understand this problem and what's at stake for any company that doesn't serve the customer after the sale. In short, we know that if you "Remember your families, they'll remember you!"

Today, we provide the Aftercare Card Program as a welcome answer to this continual problem. This automated solution sends four cards plus a survey during the first year, at a cost that has been called a "no-brainer." We love hearing that!

Since launching in 2015, thousands of funeral professionals are following up and letting families know they are thinking of them on those difficult days in the first year, all automatically. Many are even generating preneed leads just by following up.

If you'd like to talk, we're easy to find.